• Joseli and I worked together at IBM and I always admired her energy, strength and commitment. Joseli has great relationship building and strategic capabilities built up over 30 years off successful torches that would enhance any team.
    Michael Ebeid - Managing Director of SBS
  • I had a pleasure working with Joseli Munive over the last 6 years. Joseli is a
    great example of where intelligence and inner class combine with professionalism and great people and operational skills. While managing a large portfolio of Channel Partners, she would make each one feel special and we weren’t an exception. With great respect
    Gennady Volchek - CEO of Authenticateit
  • I worked closely with Joseli, preparing and hosting a strategic workshop within our global GS1 network. It was a great pleasure experiencing her highly professional way of work and enormous experience in building partner networks. Her passion and dedication to the topic of B2B partnerships was always an inspiration to me. Her flexibility in dealing with international time differences made it very easy to bring things forward even when working on two ends of the globe. I was able to see that by valuing her counterpart she builds trust and achives great results. It was a great pleasure to work with her as a team and I hope that we will once again have the opportunity in the future.
    Birgit Nieschalk - Head of Partner Engagement, GS1 Germany
  • I’ve worked with Joseli for many years since she was Alliances Manager at Oracle. Over this time, I’ve found Joseli to be professional, discrete and highly diplomatic when engaging with partners and dealing with the sensitivities across relationships that are often under competitive strain and in conflict. Joseli is one person who has the finesse to address these conflicts and tensions in a fair and firm manner, without compromising on her standards of professional integrity whilst balancing the competing interests and sensitivities of her partners.
    Bang Chau - VP Business Development at Innovit Inc
  • I have known Joseli since 1988 when we worked together at IBM. Joseli was, and still is, the ultimate customer focussed relationship manager. I had the pleasure of working with Joseli in a partner relationship in 2007, when I was CEO with AIIA and Joseli was at GS1. Joseli looks for ways to enhance business connections for mutually beneficial outcomes. Joseli is a fantastic active listener and uses that focus to provide insights into customer and partner pain points in order to agree a solution. Joseli is a true professional in all she undertakes.
    Sheryle Moon - Chief Evangelist at Spinify